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ASV Audio Visual is proud to have established themselves as a credible provider for the Queensland education sector, offering a range of audio visual and multimedia solutions for schools, education departments and training facilities.

Our smart, compact and affordable resources are revolutionising the classroom, making audio visual and multimedia easier for both educators and students.

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Hearing Augmentation & Classroom Amplification

ASV offers a variety of classroom amplification solutions that meet the needs of every learning environment, as well as integrating seamlessly with other multimedia equipment.

We have the widest range of solutions specifically designed to capture the sounds of teaching and distribute them evenly to all areas within learning spaces. SoundField, or classroom sound enhancement, is globally recognised as a classroom tool that delivers quick benefits for auditory learning in all learning environments.

RedCAT Access

Powered by Lightspeed’s Access Technology, RedCAT Access is a simple-to-use solution right out of the box. The unique flat-panel design fills the room with the highest quality speech intelligibility, enabling all students to hear every word. This is by far the most popular SoundField product in the world.

The RedCAT sound system works in any classroom configuration: high ceilings, glass walls and open spaces. Designed to transmit at 1.9ghz there’s no interference with wi-fi networks or other classroom technology.

RedCAT Access also grows with your instructional needs. As a part of a growing ecosystem, the RedCAT audio system enables all types of student-centred learning, such as small group instruction and project-based learning.

Get in touch with ASV to find out more about RedCAT sound systems for your school. We also specialise in the custom design of traditional classrooms, flexible/agile learning spaces, laboratories and libraries.


The UConnect range including UConnect SoundHouse and UConnect Mini are agile plug and play hearing augmentation solutions for any learning space.

Students, teachers and visitors now wear different hearing aids which means there is no universal platform to achieve transmission of audio to receivers in those aids. Traditional solutions alone should not be adopted if you wish to future proof your building.

UConnect SoundHouse and Mini, capture and transform instructional audio (including public address from office, local screen audio and other audio devices), so that it is available for transmission to receivers in aids worn by students, teachers and visitors.